Food is one of the most important physiological need of a person. We get our energy mainly from the food we eat. They keep us energized and nourished.  But sadly, not all of these food is safe for your health. Some may even lead to illnesses and severe conditions such as the dreaded cancer.

Here are some foods you enjoy but can actually cause cancer. You may eventually think twice on eating them:

Refined sugar
This type of sugar is dangerous because it can rapidly elevate a person’s insulin level which will feed the cancer cells. Another unpleasant thing about this is that it is GMO or genetically modified sugar beets, meaning a number of chemicals were used to process this food.

Nothing is more refreshing than a can of soda pop in a hot summer day, right? Well, think about gulping this drink next time. Soda has a type of sugar called fructose, believed to be one of the causes of cancer. Another cancer agent in soda is its caramel color, a known carcinogen. The soda’s acidity can also trigger the cancer cells to multiply.

Hydrogenated fats/ vegetable oils
Hydrogenated vegetable oil, contain trans fats, which in any amount is not considered safe. This type of oil is known to be the cause of cancer, heart disease and other serious ailments.
Replace this type of oil with healthier ones like palm oil, coconut oil, or organic butter.

French fries/ potato chips
These two crispy and delectable snacks are two of the most dangerous food. Not only are they fried with hydrogenated vegetable oil, they are also heavily salted.  The process these two snacks go through when cooking them is also dangerous, as food cooked in high temperature can cause some food to have acrylamide, which, shockingly, is also found in industrial paints and cigarette smoke. what’s even disturbing is that potato used in these foods are known to be exposed to a lot of chemical, artificial fertilizers, and pesticides, making these two snacks more dangerous to eat.

Processed meat
Processed meat like bacon, lunch meal, and sausage are dangerous. In a study conducted by University of Hawaii, they have concluded that these processed meet increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67%. In another study, hotdogs were found to have sodium nitrite, a cancer-causing ingredient attempted to be banned.

It may seem odd to include this food ingredient, but specifically speaking, we pertain to the refined white flour. This type of flour gets its whiteness from bleaching. Chemical residues are still present in food or food ingredients like white flour when they are treated. What’s more is that this highly processed food has high carbohydrate content which affects the blood sugar balance, leading to a higher production of insulin, therefor feeds cancer cells.

Farmed salmon
Switching to what you consider as a healthier and safer meat may not save you from the same problem you are avoiding. Though we believe that salmon meat is healthier, it is still unsafe if it is farm-raised salmon. Fish growers tend to feed fish with food overflowing with chemicals, pesticides, and anti-biotic that cannot be removed even if you cook it well. These chemicals can lead to triggering the cancer cells in your body.

Diet food
Do not be easily blinded by the use of the words “diet”, “low-fat”, “fat-free” and “sugar-free” in labels of diet products. They may seem convincing, but try to think of what replaces these components they removed. Synthetic and artificial flavorings are generously loaded in these products.

One example is Saccharin was found to have caused cancer development in one test that was conducted on rats. Food colors are not exempted, as they are contaminated with carcinogens. It is better to buy food in their regular or “classic” version, given that you eat them with moderation.

Processed, overly salted, and fatty food products in the market
Pizza, burger, doughnuts, chip snacks, pickels… the list just goes on. These foods are obviously high in fat and salt, though they are really tasty and satisfying, we are at the risk of some cancer. Food cured or preserved through the use of nitrates, though maybe at a low chance, may still cause the development of cancer when already inside the body. Smoking meat or nuts can also be risky, as the smoke produces tar, a known carcinogen.

Alcoholic beverages
Alcohol use is the second leading cause of cancer, with tobacco use being the first on the list. Study by the World Health Organization showed sufficient evidences which proved that excessive use of alcohol is the main cause of mouth, esophagus, liver, colon, mouth, rectum, and female breast cancers. Control in alcoholic drink consumption should be practiced, but it is still better if you try not to drinks.