Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: 5 mins | Serves: 9

I never expected these BBQ Little Smokies to be this great! My kids are obsessed and I can say the same for myself. I like how I can easily make these in my slow cooker or stovetop using just three simple ingredients. And the orange zest is optional, but highly recommended.

These saucy tiny cocktail weenies are coated in sweet and tangy barbecue flavor with a perfect citrusy twist. One bite and I am head over heels! Either you make these in your slow cooker or stovetop, and know that the result will be insanely good!

I love to serve these BBQ little smokies for parties and entertaining. Everyone adores these because they are not only delicious, but also super fun to eat. Really, these BBQ little smokies are great for any occasion! Make sure to whip up a huge batch because these little smokies go fast. Kids and adults love these BBQ little smokies. The best part is you can use any of your favorite barbecue sauces for this recipe.


1/2 c. orange marmalade

2 packages of little smokies (smoked cocktail wienies)

Orange zest, for serving (optional)

1/2 c. barbecue sauce

How to make 3-Ingredient BBQ Little Smokies (Slow Cooker and Stovetop)


Step 1: Place the sausages, orange marmalade, and barbecue sauce in a medium saucepan. Mix well until combined. Allow the mixture to simmer on medium heat until the sauce is smooth and the smokies are hot.

Step 2: To a serving dish, transfer the BBQ Little Smokies. If using, top with orange zest. Enjoy!


Step 1: In a slow cooker, mix all the ingredients. Put the lid on and set to cook for 3 to 4 hours on low until the sauce is smooth and the smokies are completely heated. Then, turn the setting to warm until ready to serve.

Step 2: Before serving, top with some orange zest (optional). Enjoy!