These nougat bars are an incredibly easy dessert that is super fun to make. All you need are for ingredients (butter, bags of white chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and some chopped red and green gumdrops). My daughter is obsessed with these nougat bars. She also always helps me to make them. Whenever we make them, it is expected that she gets the bigger portion! So I always make sure to whip up a big batch so we have enough for everyone.

These nougat bars are colorful, sweet treats. They are an excellent dessert option. Beware because these nougat bars are fairly small, you’ll never realize you have eaten a lot!

For this recipe, you may want to use sugar-free gumdrops. Sugar-free gumdrops are healthier and they do not stick together as much. Using this kind of gumdrops makes it a whole lot easier to put these nougat bars together when done. Plus, it is easier to handle.

This 4-ingredient Nougat Bars recipe is one of the easiest, most fun recipes you’ll ever try. The best treatment for your little ones and adults alike.


2 bags of white chocolate chips (2 of the 225g. bags)

2 tablespoons butter

1 1/2 c. chopped red and green gumdrops

2 bags of mini marshmallows (2 of the 250g. bags)

How to make 4-Ingredients Nougat Bars

Step 1: Using parchment paper, line a baking dish.

Step 2: In a heatproof bowl, submerge in slightly simmering water, and add the melted butter, marshmallows, and white chocolate. Stir well until melted and smooth.

Step 3: Take off the heat and allow the mixture to cool for a few minutes. Add the gumdrops and stir well.

Step 4: Pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish and evenly spread. Allow it to set for at least 2 hours (preferably overnight) before cutting into small pieces. You can store these nougat bars in the fridge or at room temperature on the counter.