48 Weight Watchers Snacks That I Used to Drop 10-15-20 Pounds!

Check out these flavorful, filling, and easy SNACKS with 2 SmartPoints Only—you’ll be glad you have them on the list!

So how does the counting system work? Well, foods higher in saturated fat and/or sugar have higher SmartPoints values, while foods lower in calories and higher in protein have fewer points. Whether you’re counting your daily points or simply looking for light and healthy SNACKS that won’t add inches to your waistline, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve grouped together a list of +48 Snacks That I Used to Drop 10-15-20 Pounds! that clock in at just 2 SmartPoints or less.

Dannon Activia light nonfat yogurt, strawberry (1 container)

Pop Secret Kettle corn popcorn (1 cup)

One-half cup sliced or baby carrots and 2 tablespoons hummus

hard-boiled egg (1)

Wheat thins whole grain crackers (8)

Sensible portions garden veggie straws with sea salt (22 straws)

Pistachios, in shells (22)

Carrots with 2 Tbsp. reduced fat ranch dressing

Sargento Light Mozzarella Cheese stick wrapped in 2 oz. sliced turkey

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