Follow This One-Week Diet Plan to Lose 15 Lbs Naturally at Home

We’re constantly on the lookout for some amazing diet that will help us burn fat and shed pounds overnight and

we’re regularly being disappointed by the inefficiency of all those online wonder diets. Is there a diet out there that

really works?

Yes, there is, the diet we recommend in this article is short lasting but gives long-lasting results. The diet lasts for a week but you’re guaranteed to lose weight afterwards and be satisfied with the results. All you have to do is follow the menu by the letter and follow the rules in place.

Diet Rules
Breakfast is essential, never skip it.
Avoid excess caffeine, soft drinks and processed foods, loaded with sugars.
Don’t eat anything after 8 PM.
Weight yourself before starting the diet and weight yourself again after the diet so that you can see how much pounds you’ve lost.
Diet Benefits
With this one week diet plan you will be able to lose weight healthy and naturally.
The diet is rich in veggies, fruits and water.
Your bowel movements will be improved.
The Diet
Day 1
On this day you’re allowed to eat just fruits, any fruit you like throughout the entire day. The only forbidden fruit is banana. Eat just fruits and nothing else, for as much as you like.

Day 2
On this day you can eat just vegetables, all day long, whatever you like and how much you like. You can start off with some cooked potatoes which are rich in carbs so that they can be broken down throughout the day. You can eat the veggies fresh, steamed or boiled, you can make a soup or a salad, the choice is yours.#

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