Learn How Your Face Can Reveal what Part of Your Body Is Sick and What to Do about it

According to ancient Chinese medicine, diseases can be diagnosed with the help of specific signs

visible on the face. Ancient healers from China believed that skin problems indicate some issue with

a specific internal organ due to interconnectedness. Known as ‘face mapping’, this technique has

remained an effective and beneficial method for early detection of health problems.

Face Mapping
Acne on the cheeks could mean several things:

Deposits of bacteria
Too much stress
Too much alcohol
Poor blood flow
Touching the face with the hands
Acne on the jaw, neck, and chin

Candida infection
Problems with the hormones
Too much starch
Too much sugar
Acne on Specific Parts of the Face Associated with Specific Organ Problems
Acne on the forehead-small intestine and bladder

When you have acne on the forehead, it means that you are consuming a lot of fatty and processed foods and a low amount of fiber. Excessive stress and intake of alcohol could lead to dehydration, poor digestion, and toxic deposits. Make sure you drink 12 glasses of water per day and also lower the intake of processed foods and alcoholic beverages.

Acne between the eyebrows-liver

Eating a lot of meat can add more pressure to the stomach and the digestive tract will not digest the food timely. This will result in an overworked liver and acne in this area. Eat more veggies and fruits instead and spend more time outdoors and in nature.

Acne in the eye area and eyebrows-kidney problems

Having acne in these areas could be a sign of poor blood flow, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, malnutrition, or a weakened heart. Increase your intake of water and exclude caffeine and alcohol.

Acne on the cheeks- the lungs and kidneys

This may be a consequence of poor dental hygiene. Therefore, you need to brush and floss your teeth two to three times per day and avoid foods rich in sugar, as well as sugary drinks.

Acne on the upper part of the cheeks-lungs

This could be a sign of air pollution. This being said, remain indoors when the air is too polluted outside and avoid smoking and being exposed to it.

Acne on the chin and around the mouth- stomach problems

People who have acne in these areas may be eating too much fatty and sugary ingredients as well as alcohol. Try to lower their intake and eat more fermented foods.

Acne on the nose- heart problems

As the nose is directly connected to the heart, having acne outbreaks on the nose could be a sign of too much salt. You should lower the intake of salt and salty foods and lead a healthier diet.

Acne on the neck and jaw-problems with the hormones

Acne in these facial parts is a sign of a hormonal imbalance. This requires improvement in the diet and less caffeine and salt.