Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: 10 mins | Total time: 20 mins | Serves: 2 or 4 small sandwiches

Afraid of the carbs but love eating? Then, you are in the right place! This Chicken Club Sandwich is keto and low carb, making this the perfect sandwich to enjoy without the guilt!

This bread-free sandwich is super good and crazy easy to assemble. The ingredients you need are not hard to find. And you can make this in twenty minutes from start to finish!

One of the things I love about this sandwich apart from being keto-friendly and low carb is the presentation. It screamed freshness and it looks appetizingly beautiful! This is a million times better than your usual chicken club sandwich. Fun to make and surely your best option if you are only starting your keto journey or even if you are just looking for a healthy Keto lunch or dinner.


6 Lettuce Leaves (Iceberg)

6 ounces Chicken Breast (cooked)

4 Slices of Bacon

4 ounces Deli Ham

2 Slices Cheese

4 Slices Tomatoes

2 tablespoons Mayonnaise

How to make Low Carb Chicken Club Sandwich

Step 1: Begin by cooking the bacon and warming up the cooked chicken. Into square(ish) shapes, cut the 6 large lettuce leaves.

Step 2: Onto a plate, lay 2 leaves of lettuce. Onto the leaves, spread half of the mayonnaise. Then, lat the ham on top followed by the chicken and cheese. With another 2 lettuce leaves, cover the meat. On top, spread another half of the mayonnaise.

Step 3: On top, place the slices of tomato and bacon. With the last two slices of lettuce, cover the tomato and bacon. Into the middle of each of the corners, poke 4 toothpicks or skewers. Then, cut the sandwich into 4 pieces, slicing corner to corner.


For this recipe, you can use store-bought roasted chicken or Deli Chicken slices.

Make sure to use clean scissors to cut the lettuce leaves.

Before slicing wrap the Clubhouse with folded parchment or waxed paper. This will make the cutting of the sandwich less messy.