More Powerful than Pills: Boiled Banana with Cinnamon

The mixture of boiled banana and cinnamon is considered to be a very potent natural cure, even more powerful than pills. Namely, it is highly recommendable for people who suffer from insomnia, people with frequent body ache, and people who have dark circles under the eyes. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to go to bed because they are very tired and end up tossing and turning for hours. This problem, if prolonged, can cause sleep issues like insomnia, as well as other health complications such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

Why Do People Find it Hard to Fall Asleep?

Very often, when someone goes to bed, they will start to think about what they need to finish tomorrow and also ponder about the problems they are having, either work- or family-related. If this happens for a prolonged period of time, the mind becomes overwhelmed and stressed out. This is why overthinking is a significant contributor to different sleep problems.

How to Better the Quality of Sleep and Fall Asleep Quickly and Easy

If you have been experiencing lack of sleep, you should never turn to over-the-counter meds, but opt for more natural methods that can help you, but still maintain your health at an optimal level. With this in mind, we prepared a simple recipe that you can make at the comfort of your own home and use it to better your sleep.

The Recipe

You will need:

A bowl of water

One banana

A dash of cinnamon


Bring the water to boil and add the banana and leave it for 10 minutes. Next, remove the pot from the stove and strain the liquid from it into an adequate container and add the dash of cinnamon powder. Do not throw away the banana, but feel free to eat it while drinking the beverage.


Drink the mixture one hour before going to bed.