Most People Cook Onions Wrong, Chef Explains What To Do With Each One

With all the different types of onions out there, it’s hard to know what’s what! Picking out the wrong type of onion could be the difference between a masterpiece of a meal, and a complete nightmare.

Luckily, silly Chef Buck is here to guide us through the pros and cons of each onion, as well as how to cook them properly!

Yellow Onion

Pros: Low cost and available all year round.

Cons: None

Cooking Uses: These onions are great for just about anything. From soups to salad, and everything in between – yellow onions taste great! However, these are the type of onions you’ll want to use for carmeling since they’re high in sugar.

Red Onion

Pros: Strong spicy taste if eaten raw.

Cons: Not great for caramelizing or long cooking times.

Cooking Uses: These are wonderful for topping salads and grilling! Red onions also taste fantastic on burgers and sandwiches – anytime you can eat onions raw, this is the type to do it with!

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