These 10 Foot Exercises Can Relieve Uncomfortable Back, Hip and Knee Pain in Minutes!

Back pain is a very common problem that most of the people experience at some point of their life. Such pains can be triggered by different body postures, improper sitting, standing and many others and they can appear on a daily basis.

However, this article provides you an easy and very simple way to release your pain. It includes exercises that will help you remove pain in the back, knees and hip.

If you practice them more often, you won’t experience any problems.

These 5 Foot Exercises Can Relieve Uncomfortable Back, Hip and Knee Pain in Minutes

These are the moves that will improve your balance and body posture, and relieve your pain.

Feet Are Very Important

Feet are one of the most important body parts that control your overall balance, body posture and some pains. They enable our movement throughout the day while withstanding some uncomfortable footwear. A suitable care of them will provide a prime condition of the whole body.

With aging our feet become deteriorated and painful so it is hard to walk. That’s the reason why one in three Americans fall suddenly and the risk of falling increases in the 80s and the 90s.

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While walking, the pressure on each foot controls the balance of the rest of the body. Also, pain in one foot can put off your balanced walking or standing.

If you exercise on a regular basis, you will strengthen your muscles and keep a proper blood flow thus preventing any balance problems connected with age.

The balance relates to body posture and it involves a proper alignment of bones and muscles to keep your upright. If they are not aligned in the proper manner your body posture can out of balance.

According to a study, women who wear high heels have greater risk of experiencing pain in the lower back. This pain can cause problems with the posture and you have to undertake different methods to relieve the pain.

1. Toe – Pressing

Before you exercise any part of your body, you need to warm up your toes. By toe pressing you will improve the flow of blood in your feet and in the same time you will relax them. You just have to stand up, bend your knees slightly, grasp the floor with the toes and stay in that position for three seconds. Do this exercise for 10 times, 3 times every day in order to keep your toes young and strong.

2. Toe – Walking

You will strengthen your muscles, ligaments and toes by toe walking as a ballerina for twenty seconds. Standing like that will significantly improve your feet. Do this exercise twice a day, five times with small pause in between. If you notice your balance is not perfect, hold on walls or surfaces but do not worry at all because it will significantly better with practice.

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