This Honey, Lemon, and Cinnamon Based Drink is Able to Help You Lose 4kg in a Week

This drink is great to lose some weight fast and to have a perfect body prepared for the summer.



Warm water, lemon, and honey will improve your digestion and will purify your body from toxins. In this way, you will lose some weight. The lemons also contain pectin which will help you to feel full longer.

The alkaline atmosphere that this drink will create will also help the body to break down the fat more easily. And the cinnamon will breakdown the carbohydrates and will regulate the insulin production.


Warm water (1 glass)

Honey (1 tbsp.)

Lemon juice (½ lemon)

Powdered cinnamon (1 tsp.)


Mix well the cinnamon, honey and lemon juice and add the water. Drink this every morning before breakfast.

Before using any homemade remedy consult your doctor.