I have tried many steak marinade recipes before and nothing beats this Best Steak Marinade! It is quite simple, the ingredients you need are just basic pantry essentials. Simply mix everything and let your meat marinate for a couple of hours for the best result. This marinade is great for anything – burgers, chicken, fish, and of course steak.

I love this simple marinade for steak. This marinade brings your steak to the next level with mind-blowing flavors and an exceptional finish. All the flavors from the marinade coat the steak deep and just a single bite is enough for you to know the difference. This marinade recipe is another must-try and a keeper!


1/2 c. olive oil

1/3 c. Soy sauce

1/3 c. fresh lemon juice

1 1/2 tbsp garlic powder

1/4 c. Worcestershire sauce

3 tbsp dried basil

1/4 tsp hot pepper sauce

1 tsp ground white pepper

1 tsp dried minced garlic

1 1/2 tbsp dried parsley flakes

How to make The Best Steak Marinade

Step 1: Into the blender, place the soy sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, Worcester sauce, parsley, garlic powder, pepper, and basil. If desired, add extra garlic and hot pepper sauce. On high speed, blend the ingredients for about 30 seconds until completely mixed.

Step 2: Over your preferred meat, pour the marinade.

Step 3: Using a plastic bag, cover the meat. I put the meat and marinade in a plastic bag and seal. Keep this in the fridge for a few hours.

Step 4: After marinating the meat, remove it from the marinade and cook.


For that extra spice, feel free to add hot pepper sauce or flakes. Note that a little amount goes a long way. So just add enough.

Keep the chicken in the marinade for a couple of hours for the best flavor. When ready to serve, place the chicken on the stove or grill and cook until done.